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Tremco Geoguard flat roofing system installer

With over 30 years of established excellence in roofing in the Ottawa and surrounding area , the Stewart Flat Roofing Team is made up of Qualified Project managers, Journeyman tradesmen supported by a highly skilled and motivated labour force specializing in application of the following Flat Roofing Systems

Stewart Flat Roofing Team specializes in the flamless application of the newest HR GR modified Bitumen 2 ply cold technology application. For timber based structures This evolution is a Hybrid Modified Bitumen system that embodies all the resilience benefits of a traditional hot torch on Modified Bitumen 2 ply system but also has the advantage of no fire risk,stretch,flex and bend capability required of plywood and plank decks which tend to flex under heavy snow loads. Because of this capability it comes with a greater life expectancy than traditional Hot applied modified bitumen and the same manufacturer and workmanship warranties and all at a comparable price point to Hot applied hot torch applied modified bitumen .

The Stewart Flat Roofing Division also carries 5 Million dollars of Hot Application Fire insurance coverage for the protection of our clients for the application of all hot applied Modified Bitumen Systems and the very cost effective 1 ply torch on Modified Bitumen cap restoration process.

We also are very experienced in one ply systems such as
TPO and EPDM commercial systems.

So Residential or Commercial Stewart Flat Roofing has a new re roofing option that suits and meets every clients needs,
Let Stewart Flat Roofing prove that Quality can be made Affordable.

For flat roofing, we are proud to be certified with Tremco for their Geoguard system and with Resisto for their Duolap system.

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Tremco Geoguard flat roofing system installer
Resisto Duolap installer

As Ottawa’s most trusted team of roofing professionals, Stewart Roofing Ltd is the name to turn to when you’re looking for top notch flat roofing installation. We are proud to be certified with Tremco on the installation of their Geoguard System, as well as with Resisto for their Duolap System. Both those designations reflect Stewart Roofing Ltd Ottawa’s reputation for offering the industry’s most comprehensive roofing application and roof recovery solutions.

For commercial, industrial and residential flat roofing, Stewart Flat Roofing professionals offer expert application of Tremco Geoguard, one of the top Fluid Applied Restoration Roofing Membranes available. Fluid Applied Roofing is the process of waterproofing a roof by applying a cold liquid roof coating. The two-step application includes the initial Geoguard Lo Base Coat followed by the Geoguard Finish Coat. Together these two exceptional Tremco products combine to protect and extend the life of a variety of single ply roof membrane systems as well as Modified Bitumen and BUR surfaces. This is the ideal choice for property owners with a functional roof that may be in the early stages of deterioration who are looking for a cost-effective but durable alternative to a total roof replacement. Geoguard is Energy Star qualified and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Another exceptional flat roofing solution offering by the Stewart Flat Roofing team is the two-ply high performance Duolap Roofing System. This process combines the waterproofing and durability features of an SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane. Duolap offers a 20-year warranty on their roofing system, on the condition that the system is installed by a Certified Installer that meets all warranty requirements related to installation. The Stewart Flat Roofing team are one of the few Certified Installers in the Ottawa Region, which ensures you both a professional installation and a full 20-year warranty. It’s another reason why the choice you make for your roof contractor is equally as important as the type of roofing product you choose for your installation.

Stewart Roofing Ltd is an industry leader because our people are the most well-qualified installers in the business. To maintain our many manufacturer certifications as preferred installers, our team undergoes comprehensive training and regular re-accreditation to ensure we are equipped with the latest skills and information demanded of a true roofing professional. All members of the Stewart Roofing team subscribe to a code of ethics that covers compliance with applicable laws, standards of workmanship, customer service and business administration. This is not just a group of labourers swinging hammers; the team at Stewart Roofing is comprised of a team of skilled roofing professionals who possess significant education related and accreditations related to the roofing industry – these are the marks of distinction that separate a professional roofing company from those companies that install roofs using seasonal or transient labour.  Roofing is our career, our profession and our point of pride. That is reflected in the quality of work we deliver on every job.

Stewart Flat Roofing is a division of Stewart Roofing Ltd Ottawa, a company with over three decades of top notch roofing service and flat roofing installation in the Ottawa area. Call us to discuss your roofing needs no matter how big or small. Your positive experience with us begins with the friendly service provided by our administration staff and continues until your roofing system is fully installed to our exacting standards. No matter what product you choose, there is only one choice – to have it installed by Stewart Roofing Ltd Ottawa.

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